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Stories of Empowered Women

“Don’t Be Satisfied with stories, How things have gone for others. Unfold your Own Myth”
- Rumi
Jamnaben Jadhav - Breaking barriers and crossing boundaries

The life of Jamnaben from Vedach revolved around her husband, son, agriculture and cattle car. She had studied to 10th standard and deep in her heart yearned to put that education into good use. With agriculture and animal husbandry as sources of income, life was never easy but tedious and crisis ridden. A support group initiated by Aatapi seemed to offer the promise of a better life.

Her yearning to use her education meaningfully led her to become the mantri (secretary) in her group and take responsibility for maintaining the accounts and records of the SHG. She took her role and responsibility seriously and quickly learned bookkeeping, bank transactions, managing savings, loan disbursement and management.


As a respected leader in her group and her village she represents the issues of women at all forums whenever needed. She participated in convincing the chairperson and managing committee of Dudh Dhara Dairy of giving Kamboya waga a sub center for milk collection. With efforts of women like her independent women's milk cooperative was registered in her area. She is secretary of women's milk cooperative, along with the committee manages the milk business independently. She gave her services for six months without any remuneration.

Her eagerness to learn and accept change have given her new opportunities.

Sajanben - "Yes, I can!"

Stories of Sajanben and women like her from support groups reflect the process they undergo to gain confidence, self dignity and learn to walk new paths to deal effectively with the realities of life. Sajanben was weighed down by the responsibility of four children, her mother in law, and the unending burden of recurrent debts and high interest rates. There seemed no way to break loose from the clutches of money lenders until she got enrolled as a member of a SHG. The group's linkage with the Joint Liability Group Scheme of the Bank of Baroda and a loan of Rs. 20,000/- changed her life. She was short of Rs. 7,000/- which she took from her sister-in-law and bought a buffalo. From the income she repaid her debts and paid up her loan. Because of good repayment record she got a top up loan and procured cotton seeds and water for irrigation. Her confidence grew as she realized that she could surface from the dark abyss of debt. She participates actively in her support group and other agriculture development activities.

Now she says with confidence, "Yes I can!"

Hansaben Jadav - Leaders lead by example

Hansaben (45 years, Vedach) faced widowhood in middle age with responsibilities for children. While her respect and social standing took a beating her agriculture and milk cattle to provide for the financial needs of her family were barely enough. Her children could not continue higher education and she was trapped in high interest rate loans.

In this tough phase she came in contact with Aatapi and joined a support group. She saved money and - as an active member - was elected as pramukh (chief) of the group. With a positive attitude and new knowledge from trainings by Aatapi she led the group with enthusiasm and firmly followed rules and regulations.


Now she grades other groups of the village and got elected as committee member of Ujaas Mahila Bachat Ane Utpadak Cooperative Society and leads women to represent their issues in government departments.

She took a loan under the Joint Liability Scheme, participated in a six day ideal animal husbandry training and purchased one buffalo. Her reliable repayment of the loan allowed her to take a second loan and buy a second buffalo. She improved her knowledge on agriculture practices and participates in all agriculture related meetings and exposures. Her income is now steady.

"I have changed!" she says. As a role model Hansaben shares her knowledge with other women. She has her own identity and space in the community, and the respect and love from her children. She was elected unanimously as president of Ujaas Mahila Bachat Dhiran Grahak Sahakari Mandali. She has broken the social and financial barriers to strive towards to reach her goal and promises to contribute changing lives of many more women like her.

24 December 2015
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24 December 2015
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