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Small and Marginal Farmers

“Don’t Be Satisfied with stories, How things have gone for others. Unfold your Own Myth”
- Rumi
Maheshbhai Sindha - The Pot of Gold at the Rainbow's End

Maheshbhai Sindha from Piludara of Jambusar block lives in a joint family of three brothers and owns three acres of land. He planted cotton on the family's land using the traditional methods of farming. During the last years he was overburdened by the 'more expense - less production' Vicious circle. His sincere efforts and hard work did not seem to help. In year 2010-11 he came in contact with Aatapi and became a member of the farmers group. This gave him the opportunity to get regular updates on contemporary methods of farming. He acquired knowledge about scientific practices such as the importance of soil and water testing, certified seeds, compost and vermi manure, and even the value of certain traditional practices which farmers were denouncing.


These interventions proved very profitable, Maheshbhai's income increased. Motivated to improve his own production records, Maheshbhai continuously updates himself on new practices. Today he is an expert regarding the prescribed package of practices for cotton cultivation. He is well versed with pest management, disease management and guides other farmers in his area. Nothing motivates like a little success. Maheshbhai is no longer willing to forgo his 'pot of gold' at the rainbow's end.

Maheshbhai has not only helped himself, but on top of that he inspires others to help themselves.
Jiteshbhai - Adapting to Adversities

Jiteshbhai Chimanbhai Parmar from Bhankhetar village is a young farmer and has joined the farmers group promoted by Aatapi in 2012-13. Every season he grew guvar crop in his farm. The Aatapi team met him and recommended inter cropping of castor and guvar on his farm. Seed "Gujarat 04" for castor was recommended to him which was a new crop for Jiteshbhai.

Heavy rains in the monsoon brought trouble as his farm was water logged. As a result his guvar crop dried and failed. The castor crop was his only hope now.


He meticulously applied the package of practices recommended by Aatapi and CSPC experts to his demo plot of castor and non demo plot as well. The production in the demo plot of castor seed "Gujarat 04" was much better than the yield of the non demo plot. The inter-cropping saved his season. Other farmers who had sown "Gujarat 04" castor seeds also experienced similar results.

24 December 2015
Celebration of International Day For Persons With Disabilities (3rd December) and International Human Rights Day (10th December, 2015)

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24 December 2015
Capacity Building of Ujaas Mahila Bachat Dhiran Grahak Sahakari Mandali

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