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    Aatapi Seva Foundation is a "not for profit" Company promoted by TML Industries Ltd. in 2009. It is registered under section 25 of The Companies Act, 1956. It is active in 15 villages of Jambusar Block, Bharuch district of Gujarat.
  • Who We Are
    • Inception of Aatapi
      TML Industries Ltd. strongly believes in a symbiotic relationship between the company and community, each contributing to the development of the other.
    • Mission, Values And Approach
      The journey from dis-empowerment to empowerment is a process of negotiating, redefining and pushing boundaries to claim a dignified space in society for the underprivileged and the marginalized.
    • Team
      Aatapi team represents young , experienced, dynamic rural and urban youth committed towards the vision of the organization.
    • Governance and Finance
      Aatapi is represented and guided by a Board of Directors with immense experience in field of NGO and corporate governance.
    • Geographical Presence
      Aatapi has active engagement in communities of 15 villages of Jambusar block of Bharuch District, Gujarat.
    • Our Partners and Collaborators
      Constant source of motivation, inspiration and support for Aatapi are its partners.
  • Programs
    • From Apathy to Actions
      In the past few decades the rural community that comprises Aatapi's geographical focus has been experiencing a significant cultural shift in the sphere of livelihood traditions and lifestyle.
    • Empowerment of Farmers
      Enabling Small and Marginal Farmers to Reap Larger Rewards: Promoting Scientific Agricultural Practices.
    • Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
      The social constructions of disability confines the disabled to a space of liability by their families and society.
    • Empowerment of Women
      Though the Constitution of India endorses a gender just society through Equal Rights for women and men, the reality often gives women, particularly rural women, a status as secondary citizens.
    • Education Programs
      Inclusive and Quality Education for All Children...
  • Stories
    • Stories of Farmers
      Maheshbhai Sindha from Piludara of Jambusar block, lives in a joint family of three brothers and owns 3 acres of land.
    • Stories of Persons with Disabilities
      Jiviben Badharbhai Parmar (Age 42 years, Uber village) stays with her brother and bhabhi. Her disability restricts her ability to walk straight, but that never stopped her from dreaming to stand on her own feet.
    • Stories of Women
      The life of Jamnaben from Vedach revolved around her husband, son, agriculture and cattle car. She had studied up to 10th standard and deep in her heart yearned to put that education into good use.
    • Stories of Education
      Inclusive and Quality Education for All Children...
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    A showcase of our activities in different areas.
  • News and Updates
    Know what is going on at Aatapi Seva Foundation.
  • Get Involved
    You have something special to share with Society. You can get involve with communities of Aatapi and experience the joy of contributing for betterment of world.
  • Donate for Cause
    Commite to Change: Donate Now!! Contribute to Change the lives of rural communities...
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    Aatapi Seva Foundation
    Lal Bunglow, Gandhi Darwajo
    At Post- Gajera
    Block- Jambusar
    Dist.- Bharuch
    Gujarat, India

    Chandrika Makwana - 9558821472
    Jyoti - 9909923464