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Mission, Values and Approach

The journey from dis-empowerment to empowerment is a process of negotiating, redefining and pushing boundaries to claim a dignified space in society for the underprivileged and the marginalized.


In this journey Aatapi's mission is to facilitate and empower local community partners to realize their innate potential by bringing out their latent strengths.

  • Diligent hard work
  • Co-creators, co-partners - Cooperation with communities
  • Community ownership - Self responsibility, accountability, independence of Aatapi
  • Empowerment - Passive recipients to active authors of their own destiny
  • Self dignity - No charity
  • Not reinventing the wheel
  • Sustainability - Nurturing local talents and resources

Aatapi creates need-based models of change, strategies and approaches to facilitate communities in addressing their own needs. Continuous construction, nurturing and persistent strengthening of community organizations and forums play a big role in bringing the vital shift from swa to samuha, from self to community. Believing in the ability of the marginalized to take ownership of their development, Aatapi gives them a voice and facilitates their development to self-confidence and independence. This makes the whole process rooted and sustainable.

Aatapi uses existing structures and methods as a basis for valuable improvements which do not depend on Aatapi itself but the cooperation among and strength of the community. Thereby sustainability of interventions is ensured. In this way Aatapi uses not only its own knowledge but seeks help, advice and inspiration from various other organizations.

24 December 2015
Celebration of International Day For Persons With Disabilities (3rd December) and International Human Rights Day (10th December, 2015)

Viklang Parivartan Sangathan (An advocacy Group of Persons with Disabilities, functioning in Jambusar Block) celebrated International Day For Pe...

24 December 2015
Capacity Building of Ujaas Mahila Bachat Dhiran Grahak Sahakari Mandali

2 day capacity building workshop of Ujaas Karobari Samiti (Executive Committee) was organized on 11th and 12th December 2015. Sahiyar Jo Sangatha...