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Inception of Aatapi

Aatapi and TML - a productive symbiosis

TML Industries Ltd. (TML) is based 50 Kms west of Vadodara at Piludara and Karakhadi (Bharuch District)since 1993.  TML  draws its inspiration and roots being a part of Shroff (Excel) Group of Companies. The group companies are involved in community services in their vicinity and beyond.

TML has been involved in community service in villages around its work-site and beyond since its inception. The leadership had a vision to initialize sustained efforts for community development. They strongly believes in a symbiotic relationship between the company and community, each contributing to the development of the other. To understand the needs of the communities around the Company site a baseline survey was conducted with support from Kutch Navnirman Abhiyan in four villages around TML. in 2008/09. Aatapi Seva Foundation emerged as a platform for community to explore, understand, deliberate and address the needs that emerged from survey.

TML respects and nurtures the independent evolution of Aatapi. It contributes meaningfully in visioning and nurturing value based organization at grass-root level. As Aatapi grows in terms of geographical coverage and programs, it needs to develop independent and efficient administrative, financial and governance systems. Aatapi receives continuous support from TML for this.  Aatapi is evolving as a dynamic system that balances and builds on the values of Corporate and NGO systems.