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Empowering Women

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the Only thing that Ever has”
- Margaret Mead

Though the Constitution of India endorses a gender just society through Equal Rights for women and men, the reality often gives women, particularly rural women, a status as secondary citizens. They brunt of an unproductive agriculture and animal husbandry, non recognition for their back-breaking labor and discriminatory social practices destroy their dignity. Due to limited or no control over their earning and household finances they often find themselves in a web of debts.

Aatapi's aim is to give the women confidence in their abilities and to build capacities to redefine their economic space to ensure financial inclusion.


There are 850 Single women (Widows) in 4 villages of Gajera, Vedach, Kareli and Piludara. This alarming figure gave special focus to women’s program. Inclusion of Single Women in rural community, supporting them in accessing their rights and entitlements is key thrust area of Aatapi’s interventions.

  empowerment of women

Major interventions:
  • Nurturing and strengthening of Ujaas and women milk cooperatives
  • Strengthening traditional sources of livelihood: agriculture and animal husbandry for sustainable income
  • New livelihood opportunities through micro-credit groups
  • Empowering single women in accessing their rights and entitlements
  • Linkages with financial institutions

Strengthening traditional sources of income, especially animal husbandry, has resulted in the registration of four women's milk cooperatives in three villages. These dairies are completely managed by women. Their turnover is 3 - 5 lac (Indian rupee) every month.

Future visions

Aatapi's focus is on nurturing and strengthening communities and institutions to become self-sustainable. Apart from financial gain, social development and change are goals of these institutions to live in dignity. Aatapi is going to concentrate on awareness and capacity building about rights and entitlements amongst single women. Overall Aatapi works on the recognition of women's contribution to the society.

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