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Aatapi – Corporate Connect

When the Light returns to its source, it takes nothing of what it has Illuminated”
- Rumi

Aatapi’s birth and emergence, nurturing and growth are seeded in visionary leadership of TML Industries Ltd (TML) and Board members of Aatapi. For comprehensive and inclusive development of Communities, Aatapi believes in CSR with maximalist approach and beyond precincts.

Aatapi in its five years journey has been sensitively dealing with issues of community and rural development in 15 villages of intervention. Community based, realistic interventions models are emerging to address the issues. Along the way, Aatapi has acquired strategies, knowledge and skills that can help in replication of such models in different geographical and social arenas.

Aatapi envisions a platform where energies of all committed Corporate and industries are synergized for development of the area.

Aatapi invites the Corporate, industries to lead the change

How Do We Engage With Corporate?
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